NU-FAM consists of a group of accomplished building and energy consultants that equip their clients to understand asset performance and predictability.

Our consultation and inspections will help you uncover underlying problems within your commercial building.

Our investigative approach examines all aspects of the “building systems” including asset background, repair & restoration history, energy inefficiencies, and systems upkeep.

We consult. We plan. We find solutions.
But we don’t stop there.

We take your asset’s initial NU-FAM assessment and energy benchmark and plug that data and information into our patent pending software, FAM-WARE. FAM-WARE then assists your team in understanding the asset’s history, how that effects it’s current state, and how to predict and plan the asset’s future intelligently and economically.

We don’t just analyze. We collaborate with your team to Monitor & Maintain your assets.

FAM-WARE scrutinizes the asset’s historical data and forecasts future expenditure warnings and models. By doing so, FAM-WARE brings knowledge to your building’s history and through that knowledge and predictive analysis helps limit asset consequences.

In it’s simplicity, FAM-WARE drives predictability
for asset priorities and performance.

The right decisions for your asset.

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