NUFAM consists of a group of accomplished building consultants that train their clients to understand asset performance and predictability.

Our investigative approach examines all aspects of the “building systems” including asset background, repair & restoration history, and systems upkeep.

We become your everything building team.

Here Are The Facts…

Buildings have one purpose, to provide shelter for human activity.

  • If the building cannot separate the outside from the inside, the activities are stifled, systems work poorly, and the structure deteriorates. 
  • When a building loses its purpose, it loses its value.

It enters the Fatal Funnel.

No Continuity In The Process… Means No Continuity In The Building

What Does All This Mean To You?


The building’s purpose is shelter, but we build them for financial gain. If it loses its purpose, it loses its value both today and into the future.

Asset Manager

Managing a portfolio is about ROI, but timing is critical. If funds are not directed timely and appropriately, revenue is lost today, with equity being lost into the future.

Property Manager

A property is a mirror, but help is needed for a clear reflection. If the appropriate resources are not available now and for the long term, a property loses its luster.

Facility Engineer

The building is a calling, but the right tools make any job easier. If the job can’t be done efficiently, it typically can’t be done correctly.

NU-FAM is the conduit for your team and processes to obtain continuity.

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