How We Help

We Establish Continuity In Your Asset Through Our People, Processes, And Proficiencies 

The Diagnose, Correct, and Protect Program (DCP) is designed to guide the whole asset management team through the phases of Continual Asset Optimization. The Assess, Report, and Manage Process (ARM) are the specific actions used to accomplish DCP

DCP Program Phases:

  • Diagnose – Overview Report, Property Circumstance Assessment, Triage Review
  • Correct – Critical Path Plan, System Restoration Design and Budget, Bid Package, Bid Management, Quality Assurance
  • Protect – Continual Asset Optimization strategy and implementation for the life of the Asset 

ARM Process Actions:

  • Assess – Continual evaluation of the assets and the activates occurring in DCP
  • Report – Continual reporting of the assessments made about the assets and the activates occurring in DCP
  • Manage –  Continual information flow relative to the facility structure and operations of the asset through the FAMWARE management software visible by the entire asset management team