What is Continuity?

Today’s buildings are designed, bid and built in ways that lead to the breakdown of the structure before it is even commissioned. The lack of connection between the principles and processes of construction leads to underperformance and deterioration. NU-FAM directly uplifts buildings that lie in the hollows of modern construction through our people, processes and proficiencies.

Building Continuity

A staggering statistic is that 80% of new construction litigation is caused by water intrusion. That is like saying 8 of 10 new cars in the dealership lot will not start. Why, because every component in the building is typically assembled in a silo. Sadly, that is the starting point of most buildings, and it only gets worse over time. The building is like a human body and must be cared for in total, and that starts with the skin (outside out and inside in). Systems must connect and work with synergy.

The Facts:

  • 90% of leaks happen in three places: terminations, transitions, and penetrations.
  • There are a lot of reasons for buildings to leak, but there are no good ones.
  • HVAC cannot function properly unless it is separated from the outside.
  • Most leaks are not puddles on the floor, and by the time water does show up on the floor, the major damage is already done.

Process Continuity

Synergy must be present within all building systems (roof, walls, MEP) for today
and the future to achieve optimum building performance. None of which is
possible unless there is continuity in the process of constructing and maintaining
the structure. Our approach interfaces ownership to the property through
their team in communication, understanding, and purpose over the life of the
portfolio. NU-FAM’s software provides customers with real-time data that
supports your team’s common vision, goals, and language through a simplified


  • Common vision
  • Common goal
  • Common language
  • Common process